Hello to all


After much discussion among the team we have decided to pull our current kickstarter campaign but all for very positive reasons. We have made a connection with a very passionate, enthusiastic and talented gamer/developer by the name of Matt Holden. Matt is the founder of a fantastic medium for indie game developers called Indie Game Alliance.

We believe we can work closely with Matt and the Indie game alliance community to take Rebirth to another level.


This initial kickstarter campaign attempt has been a very positive experience for all of us and we have made some very valuable connections for the future prosperity of our team.

We are also at this stage very proud to announce the forming of our new game design/development studio “Pale Blue Studios”.


We will be active on all our social media as usual but will be morphing slowly to Pale Blue Studios.


To all of our backers, followers and even the people who starred us, we appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts and we will not deny you the opportunity of playing Rebirth.


We will relaunch on kickstarter in the Spring bigger and better than ever ..!!


This is the beginning.


Love to all

(Pale Blue Studios)